Saturday, February 25, 2017

Predict the Magic Online Championships Metagame and Win $40 in Cardhoarder/Isle of Cards Credit!

The Magic Online Championship being held at WoTC HQ on March 3-5 is a unique event which invites 16 players - some top players from the Pro Tour and some successful online qualifiers - to 14 rounds of grueling Swiss play for a total prize pool $116,000. The select nature of the competition means that making the right metagame call for the 8 Standard rounds in this tournament will give you a huge advantage in taking down the first place prize of $40,000 and instant Platinum status.

Think you've got a read on the meta but somehow missed getting an invite to this 16-competitor tournament? Well, you might not be in the running for the 40 grand, but nail the questions in the FREE metagame prediction survey and you can still get bragging rights and earn $40 credit at Cardhoarder/Isle of Cards! Runner up gets $10 in credit.

Fill out the survey here. Good luck!

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